Welcome to New Approach Partnership Air Hygiene

New Approach Partnership Ltd will look after all your air hygiene needs and enable you to comply with critical legislation on Fire Safety and ventilation system cleanliness as set down in legislative standards such as Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, BS EN 15780, BS 1999:2008, BESA TR19, HTM03/01.

We have over 20 years of hands on management experience of major projects within the Air Hygiene sector in a huge variety of environments such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Construction Industry New Builds and Refurbishments, Airports, Shipping, Schools, Offices, Housing, Hotels and Restaurants.

We can provide you specialist labour to conduct Fire Damper Testing and Remedial Actions, Duct Cleaning, AHU Cleaning, Dry Fogging Disinfection, Ventilation System Health Checks, Indoor Air Quality Surveys, Kitchen Extract Cleaning, Operating Theatre and Clean Room Deep Cleaning all throughout the UK.

All works are backed by a comprehensive report and certification, promptly delivered before your invoice is due and backed by a sign off sheet from every job.

You will receive an honest, reliable and trustworthy job when using NAP Ltd.


Fire Damper Testing Surveys

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 now puts the onus on you as a building manager to ensure you have up to date service records for all matters pertaining to fire safety systems and fire dampers.


Air Ventilation System Cleaning

All ventilation systems are protected by filters, however these filters do not protect from all fine dusts and over time dust and dirt will build up in your system.


Deep Clean Dry Fogging Disinfection

Premises managers and owners can now have vital Deep Clean Dry Fogging Disinfection

carried out using backpack touchless technology for instant results by NAP Air Hygiene for essential hygienic control .


Ventilation Hygiene Health Checks

A comprehensive clean of all systems is not always necessary and a simple ventilation health check is all that is required.



Operating theatres, clean rooms, laboratories all need regular high levels of cleaning to ensure protocols are maintained and NAP Ltd can provide a service to suit your requirements.