All ventilation systems are protected by filters however, these filters do not protect from all fine dusts and microbiological contaminants and  over time dust and dirt will build up in your systems.

BS EN 15780 & BESA TR19 regulations state that these dusts & microbes can present a hazard to the building occupants and should be removed to prevent possible harm and potential health problems to the occupants.

Extract systems are responsible for removing contaminants and foul odours from buildings and should also be subjected to regular cleaning to ensure they are working efficiently and to reduce your energy usage as dirty inefficient systems use more power.

NAP Air Hygiene provide a comprehensive ductwork cleaning service complete with post clean testing and before and after photographic report of every job to BESA TR19 standards.

ventilation system


Fire Damper Testing Surveys

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 now puts the onus on you as a building manager to ensure you have up to date service records for all matters pertaining to fire safety systems and fire dampers.


Ventilation Hygiene Health Checks

Often clients do not require a comprehensive clean of all systems and will often carry out a health check of the ventilation systems.


Kitchen Extract Cleaning

All commercial kitchens are required to have an extract system to remove the hot, grease laden fumes from cooking as these fumes cool grease is deposited within the extract system.



Operating theatres, clean rooms, laboratories all need regular high levels of cleaning to ensure protocols are maintained and NAP Ltd can provide a service to suit your requirements.