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NAP Air Hygiene are in the business of keeping building premises safe, clean and free from anything that may cause health problems to the building users and occupants, ensuring clean air and ventilation systems.
We have extensive experience of deep cleaning and disinfection and with the threat of  COVID-19 we now offer premises owners and occupiers the vital benefit of touchless dry fogging deep cleaning disinfection with up to 99.9999% efficacy.

A bit about the technology…

  • We are using 2 different technologies to deliver the best solution depending on the type of building and application, both delivery systems use the state of the art Hydrogen Peroxide disinfectant.

  • Cordless Backpack Dry fogging with either Ultra Low Volume, 5 micron dispersal for a dry fog suitable for office and general indoor spaces or Electrostatic high power fogging suitable for large spaces and outdoor venues.

  • Electrostatic cleaning reaches into every nook and cranny that disinfecting sprays and wipes just can’t; reaching every exposed surface in an area, not just the primary or “high-touch” surfaces

  • Our disinfectant is a multi-mechanistic, extremely stable, broad-spectrum product. Importantly, and unlike chlorine-based products, our disinfectant will not damage the fabric of the building over a period of time

Which means that …

So that you can…

•   Give your customers the
     confidence to enter your
premises again

•  Ensure your staff feel safe
to return to work

•  Emergency Deep Clean

     if you have a COVID-19

 case in your building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have carried out deep cleaning in various buildings including Hospitals, drug process rooms, sterile stores, pharmaceutical buildings.

The solution we use has been designed specifically for treating medical areas and has a 99.9999% kill rate, it is safe to use in all scenarios and on fabrics, electronics, plastics etc.

No, the room/building must be vacated whilst treatment is carried out, we will be wearing respiratory protective equipment & hood, chemical suit and gloves for full protection. Health and safety is very important to us and you.

Yes, the treatment is suitable for Offices, Schools, Gyms, Transport vehicles like trains, buses and lorries, Treatment rooms & salons, Medical Centres, Hotels in fact anywhere with the exclusion of non-packaged foods.

Yes, for every treatment we carry out, a certificate is provided to give you evidence for your staff and clients that you are doing all you can to minimise the spread of bacteria and viruses.

You have a Duty of Care to protect staff, clients and members of the public using your business premises. What better way in this uncertain environment to protect and reassure them.

This very much relates to the size of the space but typically treatment times of up to 1 hour from start to finish with a further short period for the room to clear. A very quick process compared to hand cleaning and much more effective.

For every job we use Hydrogen Peroxide test strips which are placed in the room while we are dry fogging, they will provide evidence of the treatment. Our Sanosil disinfectant is 99.99% effective against pathogens such as C.difficile, Norovirus, Flu, Rhinovirus, MRSA and Coronavirus.

We obviously need to cost each building according to size location and frequency of treatment, we will be providing special rates for regular clients to help minimise the cost, Prices will start from £250.

99.99% effective against pathogens such as C.Difficile, Norovirus, Flu, Rhinovorus, MRSA and Coronavirus.

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To get in touch please message or call, if I am on a job I will get back to you on the same day. If you would
like a quote please provide as much information as you can about your building; such as number and size
of rooms, type of business, availability and frequency for disinfection, and your contact details including
address, telephone number and email.
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