A comprehensive clean of all systems is not always necessary and a simple ventilation health check is all that is required.
NAP Air Hygiene can provide tailor made surveys and indoor air quality surveys to ascertain the health of your systems & buildings and make recommendations for cleaning based on the standards in BS EN 15780 & BESA TR19.

Photographs and testing of dust levels, microbiological counts, gas build ups, air quality make up, temperature, humidity can all be measured and analysed to present a thorough health check of a building with calls to action to ensure compliance.


Fire Damper Testing Surveys

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 now puts the onus on you as a building manager to ensure you have up to date service records for all matters pertaining to fire safety systems and fire dampers.


Air Ventilation System Cleaning

All ventilation systems are protected by filters, however these filters do not protect from all fine dusts and microbiological contaminants over time dust and dirt will build up in your system.


Deep Clean Dry Fogging Disinfection

Premises managers and owners can now have vital Deep Clean Dry Fogging Disinfection

carried out using backpack touchless technology for instant results by NAP Air Hygiene for essential hygienic control .




Operating theatres, clean rooms, laboratories all need regular high levels of cleaning to ensure protocols are maintained and NAP Ltd can provide a service to suit your requirements.